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Begonia is a perennial flowering plant. It is commonly grown as indoor or ornamental house plant. It is categorised in cocktail series begonia. This tidy bedding plant categorised as a fibrous rooted wax begonia. It is used for landscapes. Dark leaves of begonia can take the sun's heat better that others.

Care Instructions:

  1. It requires full sun to partial shed.
  2. Soil should be moist.
  3. Temperature should from 21°C to 24°C.
  4. It needs daily watering. Tap alkaline water may cause leaves to fall so use distilled/RO water.


Common Name Wax Begonia
Botanical Name Begonia Semperflorens
Height 6 Inch
Colour Red, White

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Tags: Begonia, Wax, Semperflorens, Red, White, Perennial, Cocktail, Landscape