Guzmania (Pink)

₹ 400

Guzmania is available in streaking array of colours. It will offer several weeks of colour as tabletop plants and indoor plants also. Guzmania is easy to grow.

Care Instructions:

  1. To pot a Guzmania, put some small decorative stones or pieces of pottery in the bottom of ceremic/teracota pot. The pot should be heavy as Guzmania tends to be top heavy.
  2. It requires indirect sunlight.
  3. Put distilled/filtered water in center cup of the plant.
  4. It grows in 13°C or higher.
  5. It grows in well drained soil that contains organic matter.


Common Name Scarlet Star, Droophead Tufted Air Plant
Botanical Name Guzmania Lingulata
Height 4 Inch
Colour Pink

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