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Acalypha is an evergreen shrub. It has a closely arranged crown, with an erect stem and many branches. Both the branches and the leaves are covered in fine hair. The leaves, which may be flat or crinkled, are large and broad with teeth around the edge. The leaves are coppery green with red splashes, giving them a mottled appearance. Acalypha is mostly used as a decorative plant.

Care Instructions:

  1. It grows well in partial shade or sun. The leaf colour develops best in bright light.
  2. It requires daily misting in summer and spare watering in winter season.
  3. It needs a minimum of 10°C.
  4. It grows in rich, moist but fast draining soil.


Common Name Copperleaf, Jacob’s coat, Acalypha Tricolor, Fosberg, Fire Dragon Plant, Beefsteak Plant, Mexican payasito, Tai tuong, Hoja de Cobre, Match-Me-If-You-Can
Botanical Name Acalypha Wilkesiana
Height 1 feet
Colour Red, Green

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