Buddha Belly Bamboo

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Buddha Belly Bamboo (Bambusa Ventricosa) is a clumping Bamboo most notable for its unique culm growth when containerized in stressed or poor soil conditions. The culms will bulge and swell, giving it the name “Buddha’s Belly”. The leaves of Buddha Belly Bamboo are linear to lance-shaped; Buddha’s belly bamboo is a very leafy bamboo. Bamboo flowering is unusual, the flowers are similar to other grasses and the fruits grain-like. Buddha Bamboo is a tropical grass, prefers moist well-drained soil and full sun. It is somewhat cold hardy. The spread of this bamboo is slow, the rhizomes or underground stems grow only a short distance from the clump before sending up new culms. One of the most popular bamboos for growing in containers where it is slow growing. Bamboo is among the primary signature plant of ornamental inspired gardens. It is also equally planted at home in tropical island design themes or adjacent to palaces and Buddist temples. In the landscape it can be used as vertical lines element in your garden. It has long been choice for creating fast growing barriers, screens and privacy hedges between properties. Bamboo also makes a fine background foliage plant to provide a lush character. Pruned properly these plants make a good hedge and a fine subjects for night lighting, Their canes casting exotic striped shadows. Bamboo is quite adaptable to containers provided it is given adequate water and nitrogen to sustain vigorous growth and overall lush appearance.


Common NameBuddha Bamboo, Buddha's-Belly Bamboo
Botanical NameBambusa Ventricosa
Height2 feet

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